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Safe Kids Durham County

Durham County Safe Kids was established in 1989 as a way to reach parents in Durham County to provide vital information related to the safety of their children. Our vision is to prevent childhood injuries through education.

We believe kids should grow up safe, healthy and injury free!


Preventable Injuries are the #1 Killer of children in the U.S.

Injury is the leading cause of death

Every year 8000 families lose a child from preventable injury. These families lives are changed forever.




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Safe Kids Durham County is a non-profit agency located in Durham, NC. As preventable injuries are the leading cause of death in children within the U.S. our mission revolves around providing injury prevention education to the families of our community. Safe Kids Durham County operates under the 501C3 umbrella of the Duke University Hospital and the Duke University Hospital Trauma Program. 

Our Partners:

  • Durham County EMS
  • Durham County Health Department
  • State Farm Insurance
  • Durham Bike Co-op
  • Hendrick-Durham Auto Mall
  • Durham Parks and Recreation
  • FedEX Ground Operations
  • Durham Head Start
  • Sam's Club of Durham
  • Durham City Fire Department
  • Durham County Emergency Management