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Information you will need to provide to make an appointment:

Your Name, Phone Number, E-mail

Age/Height/Weight or Due Date of all children who ride in your vehicle

Year/Make/Model of the Vehicle

Make/Model of your Car seat or Booster Seat

*If you would like assistance with more than one car seat or more than one vehicle, please make an additional appointment to ensure we have sufficient time for education and installation.


Current Schedule:

1st Wednesday of each month:

South Durham Location 


Parkwood Fire Station

1409 Seaton Rd. 

Durham, NC


Tuesday Mornings *EXCEPT* the 1st Tuesday of each month:


North Durham Location

226 Milton Rd. 

Durham, NC


To Schedule an Appointment:

Please use the following link or QR code:


Scheduling QR Code




Call or Text: (919) 323 5073

If no appointments are available online feel free to call/text/email, and we may still be able to schedule you an appointment, volunteers/schedule permitting. 



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